A digitized way to straighten teeth using computer simulations. Based on a series of predictable tooth movements, plastic trays ie clear aligners are produced in sequence to straighten teeth!

Price range $2400 – $7500 before GST.

Why is it done?

After several decades of hearing friends struggling through the pains of poky wires and unaesthetic metal braces, technology has advanced to make straightening teeth with plastic, possible and predictable! Many who are working adults, or play contact sports for example, may prefer a removable option for teeth straightening that is semi – transparent, aesthetic and cost friendly.

How does this help?

Having straight teeth adds value to every life the same way a drummer is key to a band. Not in the front of the stage, but blazingly obvious when missing in action. Similarly, having straight teeth may not be the first facial feature a person would notice, but it is a key feature to complete the face. Sometimes having crooked teeth can also cause teeth to grind and chip against one another, or even cause gum issues due to food trap from crowded teeth. Using clear aligners, the form and function of an ideal smile are achieved in the most subtle way possible, clearly, some may say.

There is nothing like a great set of teeth to smile confidently or sweetly with. And it is proven that straighter teeth are easier to maintain and clean.

How does it work?

Wear the aligners full time, 20 – 22 hours per day and only remove during eating and brushing teeth or flossing. Each aligner is worn for 7 – 14 days.

What is the clear aligner process like?

The workflow of aligners is simple.

Visit 1 – Consultation. We discuss your objectives; what teeth bother you and whether it can be corrected with clear aligners. We go through the variety of aligners available from Zenyum ($$) for mild correction to Invisalign ($$$$) for moderate to complex cases.

A full mouth xray, 3D scan and photos of your teeth are taken.

Visit 2 – Treatment plan discussion

All this data is then processed to generate out a treatment plan to simulate how your teeth will look like after a series of aligners are worn.

This process is vastly different from braces for this very reason which is that you get to see the final outcome before treatment even starts.

Of course, as with all thing’s computer predicted, a 100% guarantee is not possible but we always aim for 100% and if needed, a second round of aligners for minor adjustments can be done.

Visit 3 – Clear aligners fitted

Once the treatment plan is confirmed, the entire series of aligners are 3D printed and placed in a box ready for you to wear them sequentially! Instructions on how to wear, care and optimize your aligners are discussed and the journey of teeth straightening begins.

Subsequent visits

The monitoring process is dental visits eveyr 6 – 8 weeks if you are on Invisalign and if you are on zenyum, you are mostly monitored via their app.

Sometimes, attachments which are tooth coloured bumps are placed on teeth to create artificial pressure points on teeth so that certain movements can be done efficiently.

These attachments are later polished off after they have served their purpose, either during or at the end of treatment.

Do I have to wear aligners forever to have straight teeth?

No, you only have to wear retainers to sleep at night once treatment is completed. Recommended retainer wear is for 5 years post treatment.

Why do clear aligners take longer than braces to straighten teeth? / Can I only wear my aligners to sleep at night?

This is a myth more than a fact. Many a time, clear aligners take longer to straighten teeth because patients drag out treatment time by wearing the aligners less hours in a day, but for more days. This is not recommended as there should be a constant pressure from aligners all the time except for eating and brushing your teeth, if you want your teeth to move according to the plan!

It is totally understandable that life still goes on, and sometimes it’s not the most convenient to wear aligners during a client meeting or a court hearing. However, pick a treatment that works best for your lifestyle and just remember that the process of wearing aligners is not forever! The more we stick to the plan, the better the chances we have of getting to an ideal smile.

Can I smoke while wearing aligners?

Smoking will cause the aligners to discolour and also cause teeth to pick up nicotine stains more quickly, so it is recommended to take out aligners during smoking.

Can I whiten my teeth while wearing aligners?

Yes, you can! Provided the teeth have no attachments on them, otherwise it is best to wait till the attachments are removed to avoid patchy teeth.

Can I eat with my aligners on?

No, that is not a good idea because eating with your aligners on will firstly, cause your aligners to get dirty, yellow and cloudy very quickly. Secondly, it can also cause your back teeth to start spreading apart and when you take them off, they cannot meet and bite together. 

Are there ways to speed up this process?

Yes! Acceleratory devices such as Acceledent are add ons that can cause the process of bone remodelling during the teeth straightening process to quicken, thereby shortening treatment time! 


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