The removal process of bothersome wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are not mandatory to remove, however if they are impacted and creating a painful riot in your mouth, its best to get it looked at.

How do I know if I need my wisdom teeth taken out?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the mouth to emerge. So more often than not, they grow in awkward ways that cause pain and discomfort. Most of the time they are also non-functional i.e. you can’t use these guys to chomp down your meals.

Sometimes we also take them out to create more space for teeth straightening plans.

Usually a full mouth xray is taken to locate and determine whether wisdom teeth should be removed. If they are slanted, impacted, trapping food and causing the gums to swell then yes you should probably think about taking them out.

How long is the procedure?

The procedure depends on the type of extraction required. Mainly surgical or non-surgical. Please eat before you have your wisdom teeth taken out so that if you need to take any medication after, you’re not taking it on an empty stomach and causing a gastric whirlpool to start.

Non-surgical removal of wisdom teeth including time taken to numb up the area may take 20 – 30 minutes in total. A dry and quick process for the actual removal which takes 30 seconds to 5 minutes for a straightforward case.

Surgical removal of wisdom teeth may take 30 – 60 minutes because this is a more complex procedure where the gums have to be sectioned and separated from the tooth in order for the slanted wisdom tooth to be accessed and removed in sections. You will hear a lot of noise, taste salty water and have to open wide the entire time. It is a good idea to bring something to listen to, be it headphones or airpods to listen to music or listen to a podcast. The main idea is to zone out and remain relaxed the entire time.

Once the tooth is fully removed, a dissolvable sponge is placed to help the blood clot and stitches are sutured in to close up the gums and allow the healing process to take place.

How much down time do I need?

For a non-surgical case, 1 -2 days of rest should suffice. The socket would take approximately 2 – 3 weeks to fully close.

For surgical cases, we recommend 5- 7 days of rest. The gums take 1 – 2 weeks to fused back together and heal. However, the first 4 days post op can be the heaviest going, with facial swelling and jaw discomfort or limited mouth opening due to the long procedure that just took place. We recommend drinking lots of water and having ice cream for a cooling effect. Soft diet for the first week is recommended.

Can I use Medisave to pay?

Yes, if it is a surgical removal. For surgical extraction of wisdom teeth, Medisave claimable amount is $350 or $950 depending on case complexity.

Non-surgical removal is NOT claimable by Medisave. It usually ranges from $150 – 250 depending on the difficulty on the day itself. However, CHAS subsidies can pay for part of the procedure.


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